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Parenting Techniques

Parenting Techniques

The Exchange Club Family Center of Northeast Florida offers voluntary, Parent Aide programs to families throughout Jacksonville and its surrounding counties. Our professional facilitators will work hands-on with you to teach you critically important parenting skills. And you don't have to worry about being reported by reaching out voluntarily for assistance.

Meeting Your Goals

Our professional facilitators will work one-on-one with you to help you set and meet your parenting goals. Each member of our Parent Aide team has earned a bachelor's degree or upper level graduate degree, with a specialization in social work or a similar field, and possesses a minimum of one year of experience, ensuring they have the knowledge to help your family succeed.

Family Facilitators

The family facilitator's role is to act as a mentor and to provide you with valuable information and intensive support. Your family facilitator will teach you effective parenting techniques and show you how to apply what you've learned at home to build trusting relationships throughout your family. He or she will also help you strengthen your problem-solving skills and build a social support network.

Healthy Relationships

Establishing a trusting relationship with your family facilitator is an essential first step as this connection will be used as a model to help you develop a new healthier relationship with your child.

Contact us for more information about scheduling a meeting with one of our compassionate Family Facilitators.